June 9, 2018

Spanish Classes

Why We Teach Spanish

Spanish is the second most spoken language in the United States; approximately 406 million people speak Spanish as a native language. Spanish is the most popular second language that is learned in the United States. We are proud to offer Spanish at all of our Cultured Kids Club locations.  Our Spanish teachers have ties to Puerto Rico, Columbia, Venezuela, and Mexico.

About Our Spanish Program

With our carefully developed curriculum, unique teaching methods, small class sizes of 6-8 children and our excellent team of native and fluent Spanish teachers, your child will be on the fast track to language proficiency, learning French naturally in a fun and engaging environment.

Right from the start, students learn to communicate verbal basics and set the foundation for all bilingual skills. Because there are so many Spanish-speaking countries throughout the world, we always teach traditional Spanish vocabulary (Spain's Spanish). This helps conversational abilities whether you are in Bogota, Buenos Aries, or Valencia.

Check out our website to see the Spanish classes we currently offer. Each semester these classes are offered at the same times, making it easier for families to schedule weekly activities.

Depending on your needs or desire for rapid fluency, we offer a once-a-week class, as well as our accelerated class, which meets twice a week.


Our Spanish language programs are available to children 18 months - 14 years of age.

Spanish Class Locations

We offer Spanish classes at our Hilliard location,  Westerville location and through our after-school program.

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