May 5, 2020

Happy Cinco de Mayo, Mexico!

Within Mexico, Cinco de Mayo is primarily observed in the state of Puebla, where Zaragoza’s unlikely victory occurred, although other parts of the country also take part in the celebration. Traditions include military parades, recreations of the Battle of Puebla and other festive events. For many Mexicans, however, May 5 is a day like any other: It is not a federal holiday, so offices, banks, and stores remain open.

February 11, 2020

Happy Youth Day, Cameroon!

Youth Day is a public holiday celebrated in Cameroon on February 11th. It celebrates and glories the country's youth because they are the future. Children get off school to participate in events such as parades, where they dance through the streets, accompanied by marching bands. Shops sell food to participants in the parade along the streets as government officials watch. Other activities include sporting events, competitions, and art exhibitions.

Youth Day focuses on shaping the potential of the future of the youth by encouraging children to renounce violence. The president usually broadcasts speeches on the radio and television to talk about all the youth in the country have achieved and different ways to improve the education and lives of the people.

January 6, 2020

Happy La Fête des Rois in France

La Fête des Rois or Epiphany is Celebrated January 6th. Epiphany is a Christian holiday that celebrates the arrival of the wise men at the Nativity where Jesus was born. While this is a widely celebrated holiday throughout the world, France has some unique traditions in their celebrations, especially when it comes to the food.

During la Fête des Rois, families gather together for a dinner and traditionally eat a galette des Rois, which is a pastry cake filled almond paste. Hidden within the cake is a bean, though most families will substitute a small toy instead. The person whose slice of cake contains the bean or figure gets a prize, usually a crown.

Here is a recipe for the galette des rois!